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In 2009, Philippine Chombart de Lauwe set itself a major challenge: to offer Austrian clothing with noble materials and impeccable craftsmanship, reflecting genuine know-how, at a fair price and with 1-click ease of access.
" Timeless chic" became the online boutique's motto, offering classic, hard-wearing children's pieces.
A year later, as demand intensified, Edelweiss et culotte courte decided to add men's and women's pieces to its collection.
Italian and English know-how soon followed.
Clothing that combines practicality and elegance, a must-have for your closet, from town to country.
Hundreds of Austrian-style garments for women, men and children: Austrian jackets, sleeveless jackets, sleeveless vests, Austrian coats, boiled wool coats, hunting socks, cardigans, sweaters, capes, ponchos for women, deer knickers, buffalo skin pants, Austrian hats.
Noble, chic, quality fabrics: tweed, loden, boiled wool, quilted jackets, sleeveless fleece jackets, silk scarves, merino cardigans...
The leading Austrian clothing brands
Several references in the field of elegant clothing, hunting clothing: Steinbock Grasegger , Habsburg, Kluber, Lanz, Lodenfrey, Mirabell, Astrifa ...

For more than 15 years, Edelweiss has been offering a wide selection of Austrian and English-style clothing, as well as top-quality customer service
- careful shipment within 48 hours (allow a few extra days for delivery abroad), professional advice, free and fast exchanges.
You can also use our little hands to place gift orders and give pleasure to your loved ones, at no extra cost.
The Edelweiss team is here to serve you!


women's fashion

Our collection of women's clothing will have you looking chic and elegant at all times. For EDELWEISS et culotte courte, product quality is essential so that you can wear them without moderation.

Quality is good, but so is diversity! That's why we offer a wide selection of Austrian style clothing for women: coats, Austrian jackets, deer knickers, buffalo skin pants, socks, cardigans, shawls. 

Of course, all our products are made with know-how and noble, chic and quality fabrics: tweed, loden, boiled wool, fur, etc. 

A woman's fashion for all occasions and all desires!

Our collection of men's clothing will allow you to adopt a chic and elegant outfit for any occasion. Edelweiss etculottecourte offers a wide variety of men's jackets, sleeveless vests and cardigans, as well as men's coats, quilted jackets and boiled wool sweaters.

We regularly update our collections with new items depending on the season, such as men's boiled wool jackets in winter, linen jackets in summer and sleeveless cardigans.
All our garments are made from noble, high-quality materials to offer you quality products.
We work with a number of different brands to offer you a greater diversity of products. Our main suppliers are : Steinbock Lodenfrey and Grasegger.

men's fashion

children's fashion

We offer a collection of children's clothing that invites you to compose casual but always well-dressed looks, both for every day and for special occasions! 

Your children will be cute with their Austrian jacket, cardigan, cape, shirts, high and warm socks, skin knickers ... Without forgetting the dirndl for your girls! Everything is planned to find the perfect outfit for your children

First come, first served is the Edelweiss concept of the braderie. Always and only end-of-series, quality garments. Men's, women's and children's jackets, accessories and other bargains up for grabs, without hesitation!

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Austrian clothing for men

Austrian clothing for women